Hello All,

I am writing with both sadness and delight. Summer is fading into the distance and in its place fall is creeping in. I can only hope cooler temps and less humidity are upon us– without losing that glorious sunshine of course. It has been a strange and beautiful summer for me, filled with both loss and many blessings. I hope yours has been tremendously lovely! I’m personally excited to begin the “hunkering down” as I call it, the preparation for fall/winter. I am also excited for the huge sale happening at Boutique Fabulous in the next few days (beginning SEPT 2nd), it gives me a reason to finally pick up the polka dot plates I have been eyeing all summer! You should really stop by and check it out.  There’s just going to be mass amounts of items on sale, marked from 10-75% off! As in the cute navy and red zig zag print totes (want!). So, if you come by I shall most likely see you there, I’ll either scooping up those plates and/or trying on all the adorable vintage hats.

Until next time,