My Boston world got a little smaller recently when I moved into my new studio space right next to Kimberly Huestis— and then this week I saw her glorious jewelry for sale at Boutique Fabulous. I couldn’t ask for a better studio neighbor. I did a little harmless stalking and discovered Miss Kim from Porcelain and Stone is a busy little bee with her hands in everything from sculpture to photography to sewing to architecture. I became instantly inspired and enamored. Her rings speak to me in many ways– they are sculptural and elegant and yet somehow also edgy. The pieces on display now come in colors natural shades reminiscent of eggshells and pale green moss. I am particularly infatuated with the large glossy creamy-colored ring pictured below. It will meld perfectly with my collection of large sculptural rings. If you are less of a “big ring” gal perhaps you will be more drawn to her fabulous earrings, upon closer inspection their slightly rough-hewn texture and shape paired with the organic color-ways make these look like something that might have languidly drifted up on a beach. All her pieces are hand-crafted right in her studio in Fresh Pond in Cambridge, right next to my hat-making studio! They would make a lovely gift, or even better, buy one for yourself like I’m going to after my next pay day! As always, please try to Buy Local!

Until next time,