Costume Jewelry: The Perfect Glam Addition

May 31st 2013 

I’m going to out myself right here and now as a costume jewelry hoarder.  I just cannot seem to stop.  I even collect broken pieces, with the idea in my head that I will rehab a necklace missing a rhinestone and then wear it to a fabulous party.  Add to my obsession for glitter and baubles and bits the advent of Pinterest, which is overrun daily with gorgeous snaps of both new and vintage jewelry that I would definitely put in the “Costume” category.  Another recent spark of inspiration has come from seeing the new version of The Great Gatsby, which was just released in May 2013.  If you too like to adorn yourself with pretty things to look at that glint in the light or clink when you move, then that is a film for you to watch and get heaps of creative inspiration from!

When I stopped in at Boutique Fabulous today, I bee-lined for the jewels, knowing that I was dying to write about some of their latest offerings– and I was not disappointed! I have previously written about a line BF carries regularly called We Dream in Colour, and they make the most Gatsby-style costume pieces I’ve seen in a long time.  The Isis Necklace just about sends me over the edge and I could totally see Daisy Buchanan wearing it to a fabulous soiree.  In addition to pieces by WDIC, I spotted gads of vintage costume earrings like coral-colored beaded 60s cluster clip on earrings and some earlier stone screw-on studs, as well as some chunky rings and broaches.  I don’t think anything will make you feel more decadent (or from another more alluringly chic era) than screwing an old-school earring onto your ear– aside from donning a swingy vintage dress of course– which BF also has a fine selection of.  Be your own Daisy Buchanan (Gatsby) or Megan Draper (Mad Men) or Margaret Schroeder (Boardwalk Empire) on any given night out on the town.  Costume pieces are also quite suitable for day wear too– nothing elevates ‘office casual’ more than a pretty colorful (or even clean metal-tone) statement necklace, a bauble-y ring, or a pair of classic vintage earrings.


Conversation starters, almost always! There is a reason costume jewelry has endured for 300 years and continues to do so, it is extremely accessible, beautiful, and easy to incorporate into just about any wardrobe.  Have fun bedecking yourselves, and if you’re up for it there’s even a 20s-themed dance happening in July being put on by Swing Central, a local dance club.  Check it out! Looks like Summer is finally here, and I hope you are enjoying it!

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Costume Jewelry: The Perfect Glam Addition

May 10th 2013 

You won’t be shocked to know I pretty much buy all my gifts from Boutique Fabulous.  Once you’ve found a place that takes great care to stock a solid variety of gifts from whimsical to sexy to elegant to flirty to manly, it’s becomes simply One Stop Shopping. Case in point, I popped in to see what goodies my own Mum might like as a gift to reiterate how much I love and appreciate everything she does for me.  My mum, like many ladies I know, likes to sit back and relax with a cup of hot tea. BF is carrying an adorable set of dishes, white with basket weave design replete with little blue bumble bees.  If your Mum loves her tea but it less “teapot” and more “tea cup” why not snag her a fun little Teatanic unsinkable tea infuser paired with a tin of tea? Everyone loves beautiful and aesthetically-pleasing things in their house to gaze at day to day, and green is an  incredibly popular color all year round– especially in Spring. BF is stocked with gorgeous green glass dishes, reminiscent of vintage Depression Glass, gorgeous clear green glass plates and dishes that shine gorgeously in the sunlight and have been and remain highly collectible. If hunting down antiques is not your thing, grab your Mum one of these stunning green hobnail pitchers, they are just as beautiful as the originals of years past. Does your Mum love pleasant fragrances? Perhaps an Illume Outdoor candle would be perfect for her to burn on her porch or deck during the upcoming balmy summer evenings? Is your Mummy a happening hostess and always in need of party dishware? Scoop up a Sauce Dish Tray set for her– the candy colors alone with have her swooning and the usefulness of this item will seal the deal. Last but not least, BF always has awesome decorating and lifestyle books on hand, the kind you don’t know you absolutely HAVE to have until they are in your hand and your are ogling every stunning picture. My personal favorite right now is called Homespun Style.

Gifts are great, don’t get me wrong, but be sure to attach a handwritten card to your Mother’s Day gift.  Remember how happy your Mum looked when you brought her home your school drawings when you were a wee one? Regardless of how grown up you are now, your Mum will never stop enjoying getting a little hand-penned note or drawing from her child.

To all the Mothers out there, I wish you the most glorious of days.  You are all amazing.

Until next time,


Do You Know What Time It Is?

April 13th 2013 

In this age of using cell phones for telling time, when wrist watches and wall clocks seem to be disregarded items of the not so distant past, how fun and different would it be to see a really amazing clock on your wall? (Plus, I find people often neglect their walls when they are decorating– they leave them blank– not the best idea!) I found some ‘fabulous’ clocks at Boutique Fabulous this week– designed in the UK by a company called Newgate.

Many of the styles BF carries are both retro and yet also modern– perhaps it’s simply the combination of bold colors, sleek surfaces and clean lines, or that there is an uncluttered-ness about them that lends itself to both the past and the future? BF carries a good amount of varieties of these stunning clocks– my favorite style is the Bubble Wall Clock– it reminds me of something you might find on the control panel of a jet– very sharp!

I think one of them would make the perfect Mother’s or Father’s day gift, I know it’s a tad early for that, but it’s always good to be prepared and show your recipient that you know what time it is!

Until next time,





* pictures courtesy of

All Tied Up: You Can Never Be Overdressed or Overeducated

March 17th 2013

After touching & ogling these handmade ties below upon multiple visits to Boutique Fabulous, I thought it was time to turn my attention to them in the blog. As you all know, I am a huge fan of men who dress well, and many times dressing well means donning a tie. Sadly in this day and age, uber casual dressing has permeated most special events, items like old t-shirts creep in. Now, while I find it perfectly acceptable for a man to don a t-shirt at a special event, say for a soiree described as “creative black tie,” they had best be pairing it with one hell of a suit and pair of dress shoes for a high/low look. More likely a guy can wear a simple dress shirt and then add a fun pop of color or texture in the form of a fun tie, pocket square (or even a vintage hankie), or a fabulous silk– and in this case unusual and original– silk tie. Jes Switaj crafts all kinds of ties from scratch and hand silk-screens really cool designs on them from beetles to skeletons to bicycles and beyond. When you purchase one of these pieces you are both supporting a small business as well as an independent designer– how great it that? I’m partial to the skeleton, I love the bright color of the silk peeking out from between his ribs! I would probably even wear one of these ties myself over a dress shirt paired with some skinny jeans and oxford shoes. I think just about everyone should own a tie– you just never know when you will need one or simply be inspired to rock one.

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*photos courtesy of Jes Switaj on Etsy


It’s Always a Good Time for Chocolate!

February 19th, 2013

Hi all!

I decided to re-vamp the BF blog a bit and in so doing I am adding an ongoing component of periodically profiling different local businesses that I am fond of and want to share with you all. For my first post I decided to write about Taza Chocolate as I was inspired to learn more about the company when I tasted their wares on Valentine’s Day at BF. I had a bite of the Cinnamon Chocolate Disc and I was so beguiled by it! My three favorite kinds of chocolate with that with spices, almonds, and/or salt– so this treat really appealed. Apparently it can be melted down into Mexican Hot Chocolate, which marries the warmth and earthiness of cinnamon with the velvet of chocolate, easily one of the most fantastic flavor combinations out there. Taza is located right in Somerville, they stone-grind their chocolate, and they turn out gads of products from chocolate baking squares to chocolate-covered nuts to cacao nibs. I feel so happy about the way they are helping to put Somerville on the map by contributing to the burgeoning food scene there, and I am also super impressed with their sustainability efforts. If you are out and about and looking for a fun activity take a tour through the Taza factory. If you are looking for a sweet treat, swing by any number of local stores (like BF!) for a bar or disc or other Taza treat. Support and buy local– our local economy and business owners will thank you! Any day is a good day for CHOCOLATE!

Until next time,


*photo courtesy of Taza Chocolate
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