In this age of using cell phones for telling time, when wrist watches and wall clocks seem to be disregarded items of the not so distant past, how fun and different would it be to see a really amazing clock on your wall? (Plus, I find people often neglect their walls when they are decorating– they leave them blank– not the best idea!) I found some ‘fabulous’ clocks at Boutique Fabulous this week– designed in the UK by a company called Newgate. Many of the styles BF carries are both retro and yet also modern– perhaps it’s simply the combination of bold colors, sleek surfaces and clean lines, or that there is an uncluttered-ness about them that lends itself to both the past and the future? BF carries a good amount of varieties of these stunning clocks– my favorite style is the Bubble Wall Clock– it reminds me of something you might find on the control panel of a jet– very sharp! I think one of them would make the perfect Mother’s or Father’s day gift, I know it’s a tad early for that, but it’s always good to be prepared and show your recipient that you know what time it is!

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