I’m going to out myself right here and now as a costume jewelry hoarder.  I just cannot seem to stop.  I even collect broken pieces, with the idea in my head that I will rehab a necklace missing a rhinestone and then wear it to a fabulous party.  Add to my obsession for glitter and baubles and bits the advent of Pinterest, which is overrun daily with gorgeous snaps of both new and vintage jewelry that I would definitely put in the “Costume” category.  Another recent spark of inspiration has come from seeing the new version of The Great Gatsby, which was just released in May 2013.  If you too like to adorn yourself with pretty things to look at that glint in the light or clink when you move, then that is a film for you to watch and get heaps of creative inspiration from!

When I stopped in at Boutique Fabulous today, I bee-lined for the jewels, knowing that I was dying to write about some of their latest offerings– and I was not disappointed! I have previously written about a line BF carries regularly called We Dream in Colour, and they make the most Gatsby-style costume pieces I’ve seen in a long time.  The Isis Necklace just about sends me over the edge and I could totally see Daisy Buchanan wearing it to a fabulous soiree.  In addition to pieces by WDIC, I spotted gads of vintage costume earrings like coral-colored beaded 60s cluster clip on earrings and some earlier stone screw-on studs, as well as some chunky rings and broaches.  I don’t think anything will make you feel more decadent (or from another more alluringly chic era) than screwing an old-school earring onto your ear– aside from donning a swingy vintage dress of course– which BF also has a fine selection of.  Be your own Daisy Buchanan (Gatsby) or Megan Draper (Mad Men) or Margaret Schroeder (Boardwalk Empire) on any given night out on the town.  Costume pieces are also quite suitable for day wear too– nothing elevates ‘office casual’ more than a pretty colorful (or even clean metal-tone) statement necklace, a bauble-y ring, or a pair of classic vintage earrings. Conversation starters, almost always! There is a reason costume jewelry has endured for 300 years and continues to do so, it is extremely accessible, beautiful, and easy to incorporate into just about any wardrobe.  Have fun bedecking yourselves, and if you’re up for it there’s even a 20s-themed dance happening in July being put on by Swing Central, a local dance club.  Check it out! Looks like Summer is finally here, and I hope you are enjoying it!

Until next time,