If you are like me you have collection of bags– perhaps a few totes, a few clutches, a few handbags, etc. You understand and respect the idea that each type of bag serves a different and useful purpose. Over the years I have procured many bags for my own collection from Boutique Fabulous, from cute graphic zipper pouches in which to store my makeup to a gorgeous teal green one that was my most favorite until lobster was unknowingly spilled inside on a hot summer day (bye bye bag!), to my most recent purchase of a navy and red zigzag print tote that is perfect for fitting just about everything on any given day which can fit in my bike basket and keep things safe even in the rain.  The other day I stumbled upon a number of new bags by Victoria Leland Designs at the shop– the solid construction is there, as is tip-top design elements and loads of cheerful color.  I’d say they are definitely worth stopping in to take a gander at, whether because you are already bored with your back-to-school satchel this year, or just want another beautiful bag to tote your life around in. Like me you are most likely super busy running from A to D to S to Z three times over on any given day and you need a solidly-made and pretty bag to house all of your supplies and accoutrements. Bag it up!!

Until next time, & HAPPY FALL!